william lang

the 13 Project is an on-going set of commissions and performances featuring a very specific criteria and curated by yours truly. I was inspired by Damine Hirst's Dot Paintings, which in turn I believe look backwards to Andy Warhol's various screening projects. The choice of colors in the Dots and Screenings can be seen as analogous to the choice of notes with the 13 Project's paraments.

The paraments are as follows: Please select 13 notes, to be played in the order given to the performer. Every note will be played softly, and for the length of one full breath. There will be space between all notes. Each performance will last roughly 4 - 8 minutes, depending on registrations of the note and silence chosen by the performer.

The 13 Project was given it's debut at the NY Sound Circuit on October 20th, 2012 at the Dimenna Center for Classical Music. In that iteration - two sets of 13 pieces were performed simultaneously by some of New York's finest trombonists, with a middle set of music featuring a performance of Luciano Berio's Sequenza V by myself, with in-time transcription and realization of the Sequenza happening from a surrounding circle of trombonists. In addition to the program listed below, 13.one by Eve Beglarian was premiered at Bargemusic on a solo recital, Nov. 26th, 2012.

Performers (and pieces):

William Lang (weiss, gibson)

Ben Herrington (mcintyre, kozar)

Jen Baker (baker, broshinsky)

Matt McDonald (callahan, rogers)

David Whitwell (yoon-ji, gavett)

Ric Becker (winslow, pinto)

Alaina Alster (amigo, lang)

James Rogers (shephard, aclerto)

Pieces list (final!)

Set 1:

13.2 (Polke Dots) - Chris McIntyre 

13.3 - Jack Callahan 

13.4 (Philip, I Will Meet you at LAX at Four) - Natalie Elizabeth Weiss 

13.5 (for will lang) - Jen Baker 

13.6 (for trombone) - Cristian Amigo 

13.7 (thirteen for one) - Conrad Winslow 

13.8 - Yoon-ji Lee 

13.9 (tones) - Craig Shephard 

Set 2:

Berio Sequenza V  - Luciano Berio

Berio Inspirations - Improvised by present trombonists, loosely directed by William Lang

Set 3:

13.10 (3,5,7,11,(13),17) - Jeffrey Gavett

13.11 - Randy Gibson

13.12 (I2R1) - Andrew Kozar

13.13 (for James Bergin) - William Lang 

13.14 - James Rogers

13.15 - Paul Pinto

13.16 (this field of dreams is an unfufilled promise) - Alejandro Acierto 

13.17 - Mark Broschinsky