A few places have been nice enough to review solo works/performances of mine! Check the links to read more

Boston Globe - my performance of James Bergin's langmusik. "In another superb performance (and another premiere), Lang soared through James Bergin's "Langmusik," the microtonal inflections here producing Doppler-like illusions of shifting distance."

New York Times - the premier of Christopher Fisher-Lochhead's Prosodia Deseia. "There was no text at all in Christopher Fisher-Lochhead’s new “prosodia daseia.” Scored for solo trombone — Mr. Lang in a fiercely, virtuosic performance — and singers, it pits an exhaustingly athletic instrumental line against smooth, glassy vocals that appear to grow out the trombone’s labors, subtly warping the distinction between effort and ease."

George Grella, writing for Music and Literature - writing about the entire Ostrava Days 2015 Festival, including my performance of Iannis Xenakis' trombone concerto, Troorkh. "...trombonist William Lang came out to—in the term of art—utterly demolish Xenakis’ concertante work Troorkh. This is an exciting piece, tremendously demanding on the soloist, and yet Lang played it not only with seeming ease, but with rare gusto and relish. He loved every second of it, and the orchestra followed him along in an unforgettable, inspired performance."

Dominika Doniga - a very generous review of the Xenakis concerto at Ostrava Days. "What I could very well observe that night was a man with open spirit and incredible courage to make the best out of this piece and bring its essence to public in the most direct way and honest way."