william lang

As I started travelling more around the world in the Summer of 2013 I started recording myself improvising in spaces that had interesting acoustics and sound phenomena. Here are the results of those recordings - all taken on my cell phone, with pictures (also taken by cell phone.) Feel free to hover over the pictures for an explanation.

A word of explanation a well - there is no editing here - and the recording starts when i turned on the ap on my phone. I am aiming for an exploration of the place both externally and internally. Sometimes, as with the Sulpher Vent you might hear almost no trombone sound, and othertimes, like with the abandoned building, you might hear me climbing around the broken remains of what was once a home.

There are no mistakes, there is no perfection, there is only the moment and what it stirs in these field recordings. 

Iceland abandoned building on west peninsula outside Snaefellsjokull on rt. 574 mp3.mp3

Iceland deittifoss mp3.mp3

Iceland gorge 80 km west of ayfreja on route 1 mp3.mp3

Iceland Langaholt ocean mp3.mp3

Iceland sulpher vent and bubbling pond mp3.mp3

Iceland geothermal vent two at namafjall mp3.mp3

Ostrava radio Improv full spectrum mp3.mp3

mass moca boiler room basin mp3.mp3