william lang

solo premiers

Petr Backla - slide, series...

Jeremy Howard Beck - Multiphonic Song Cycle

James Bergin – Langmusik

Yu-Chun Chien - since time kwietly flows

Paul Clift - radoments avec citations

Quinn Collins - the stammering of voices, the stomping of feet to make waves

Chris Cresswell – Soliloquay, for Trombone

Jason Eckardt - compression (co-commissioned with Matt Barbier)

Scott Farkas – Suite for Unaccompanied Trombone

Scott Farkas – Variations on a Single Tone

Chris Fishcer-Lochhead - Prosodia Daseia (a)

Reiko Fueting - sound wonder: tuba mirum

Eli Greenhoe - Etymology

Sharon Hurvitz - Stream of Consciousness

Dillon Kondor – Sleep Spindles

Andrew Kozar – P’o (Kuei) &/or Hun (Shen)

Yu Kuwabara - Rattling Darkness 

Yoon-ji Lee - I Move (after Pina Basuch)

Alex Lunsqui - Guttural IV

Timothy McCormack - HEAVY MATTER

Yoshiaki Onishi - Spargens

Joan Arnau Pamies - [vltbn]^4 (o quatre panells per a trombo sol)

Paul Pinto - ...with laser focus, while, maybe, a little syringe...; When I'm done with this one, I'm done fer good.

Ben Richter - The Mooncalf Ciphers

Kamala Sankaram - the Hum

Kate Soper - Etude 1: Circuit Breaker for Bass Trombone

Jay Vilnai - EP for solo Alto Trombone

Conrad Winslow – In a Manner of Speaking

Adam Zahller - the Mat Maker

solo with electronics

Daniel Asia – Dream Music

Guy Barash - Talkback VI*

Eve Beglarian - i am lost by streams* (35' with video)

Oren Boneh - behind the forget me nots

Richard Belcastro - Sonance

Matthew Burtner – Aes/Aer

Christian Gentry - Ellipsis

Tosh Molloy - Creindhe

Heather Stebbins - what i am not*

Jacob TV - i was like wow

Anthony Vine - scrim*

Jue Wang - Aureate Darkness* (30' with video and staging)

selected other solo works

Anonymous (ed. Christian Lindberg) – Three Medieval Dances

J.S. Bach – Partita (BWV 1013)

Leslie Bassett – Suite for Unaccompanied Trombone

Luciano Berio – Sequenza V

Leonard Bernstein – Elegy for Mippy II

Caleb Burhans – Tuba Mirum

John Cage – Solo for Sliding Trombone

Aaron Cassidy – songs only as sad as their listener

Thanos Chyrsakis - Terra Firma I for Alto Trombone

Abbie Conant and William Osbourne – Pond

Enrique Crespo – Improvisation No. 1

Claude Debussy – Syrinx

Dai Fujikura - deliquiesce

Domenico Gabrieli, arr. Davis Shuman – Ricercare

Walter Hartley – Sonata Breve for Bass Trombone

Grygory Ligeti – The Big Turtle Fanfare from the South China Sea

ed. Christian Lindberg – Variations on Two Gregorian Chants from Klosterneuberg

Brian Lynn – Dollalynastics

Timothy McCormack - here is a sequence of signs, each having a sound and a meaning

I. Mitsuoka – II Moments

Folke Rabe – Basta

Dave Reminick - ,8,1

Frederick Rzewski – Last Judgement

Giancinto Scelsi – Maknongan

Giancinto Scelsi – Trois Pieces

Karlheinz Stockhausen – In Freundschaft

Iannis Xenakis – Keren


 trombone and trumpet

Andy Akiho - kilL yOur tV.....E!*

Richard Barrett - Aurora

Reiko Futing - Ach Elslein, lieves Elslein/extraction*

Jeffrey Gavett - Duet*

Charlie Grabois - the Pome Song*

Daniel Grabois - Someone Said Stop*

Ippei Inoue - 0.05 (1/20)*

Brian McWhorter - Hop*

Ashley Fu-Tsun Wang - Fake Hallucination*

Ya-Jhu Yang - Movement*


solo with piano

T. Albioni, arr. C. Lindberg – Adagio

Johannes Brahms - Sonatensatz

John Cage – 2/5

Henri Dutilleux – Chorale, Cadence et Fugato

Eric Ewazen – Sonata for Trombone and Piano

Gabriel Faure – Apres un Reve

Gabriel Faure – Sicillienne

Alexander Guilamnt – Morceau Symphonique

Anne Hege - Play Things: Boom Boom Terror, Boom Boom Bliss*

Paul Hindemith – Sonata for Trombone and Piano

Fritz Kreisler – Liebeslied

Gyorgy Kurtag – 6 Pieces for Trombone and Piano

Alvin Lucier - Panorama for Trombone and Piano

Quin Mason - Sonata (No Horns Barred)

Jules Massenett – Meditation from Thais

Victor Monti – Czardas

Maurice Ravel – Piece en Forme de Habenera

J. Ropartz – Piece en Eb Minor

Jessica Rudman - Soliloquay*

Camille Saint-Saens - Cavatine

Franz Schubert – Der Doppleganger

Robert Schumann - Romanzen

Ronen Shai – Doomsday Tales, 2a*

Matt Siffert - To Morocco*

Stepjan Sulek – Sonata (Vox Gabrielli)

Alex Temple - All We Could See From the Window Was Water*

Christian Wolff - Ruth


trombone + strings

John Cage - five3

Carolyn Chen - we are small and wee and we eat the house down*

Fred Frith - Tense Serenity

Vincent Persichetti – Serenade for Trombone, Viola, and Cello, Op. 6 No. 44


Mark Applebaum – The Composer’s Middle Period

Michael Bies – Variations on and Around Eb for Trombone and Percussion*

Johannes Brahms - Piano Trio 1, Op. 8

Ann Cleare - Earth Waves for Solo Trombone, Vocal Ensemble, and Electronics

John Eaton – Some Reflections, for Soprano, Countertenor, Flute, and Trombone*

Chris Fischer-Lochhead - Prosadia Desaie for Solo Trombone and Vocal Ensemble*

Tarik Ghiradella – Tomb of Lazarus

Randy Gibson - Apparitions of the Four Pillars*

Gilbert Gallindo - altered orbits, for Trombone and Percussion

Gyorgy Kurtag – A Kis Csava, for Trombone, Piccolo, and Guitar

Joe Maneri – Kohtlyn, for Trombone and Soprano

Timothy McCormick - Disfix for Trumpet, Trombone, and Bass Clarinet

Joan Arnau Pamies - in media res*

Frederick Rzewski – Moonrise with Memories, for Bass Trombone and Six Treble Instruments

Matthian Sphalinger – Gegen Unendlich, for Trombone, Bass Clarinet, Cello and Piano

Heather Stebbins - from these old skins, for Trombone and Frame Drum

Charles Wuorinen – Ashberyana for Baritone, Trombone, String Quartet, and Piano

Charles Wuorinen – Trombone Trio, for Trombone, Piano, and Percussion

Iannis Xenakis - Zythos, for Trombone and six Marimbas



Johannes Brahms (arr. Jay Vilnai) - E minor Cello Sonata for Trombone and Orchestra

Paul Creston – Fantasy for Trombone and Orchestra

Ferdinand David – Concertino for Trombone and Orchestra

Gordon Jacob - Concerto for Trombone and Orchestra

Lars-erik Larsson – Concertino for Trombone and Strings

Frank Martin – Ballade

Leopold Mozart - Concerto for Alto Trombone

Richard Peaslee – Arrows of Time

Nicolai Rimsky-Korsakov - Concerto for Trombone and Military Band

Kazimierez Serocki – Concerto for Trombone and Orchestra

Henri Tomasi – Concerto for Trombone and Orchestra

Georg Wagenseil – Concerto for Alto Trombone and Orchestra

Iannis Xenakis - Troorkh

* = world premiere